In the heart of Apulia

Holidaying in Apulia means rediscovering the traces and monuments of past eras, the perfect holiday for lovers of art and history, filled with testimonies of past civilisations who have tread through Apulia over the centuries, shaping the identity and face of Apulia today.
In the heart of the Mediterranean and spanning over two seas, towards the far Mediterranean border of the old "Europe", Apulia looks towards the East, a sentry of thousands of cultures and traditions.
A magical land boasting sandy beaches, a crystal clear sea and spectacular cliff faces, eternally kissed by the ever faithful sun; a magical land with historical remains, testimony to past eras and the many populations, which over the centuries have helped created a multicultural, tolerant and welcoming Apulia.
With easy access to both the East and West by sea, land or air, this territory successfully creates a union between its rich past, full of history and the challenges of modern day society, in a fabulous balance between advanced technology and a desire to live in a people-friendly city.