"Bayit"in Hebrew, means home and this is how one feels every time you walk through the doors of this charming historic building.
Nestled in the white alleys of Polignano a Mare, it was born in the old Jewish quarter in Via Tanese, once called Via della Giudea.
The architecture of the palace recounts the succession of centuries, different styles and cultures since 1500, when a rich Jewish oil merchant decided to establish his home here.
The spaces and details tell of the perfect harmony between Apulian craftsmanship and contemporary design.
The craftsmanship of local restorers, cabinetmakers and blacksmiths has brought back the palace's former splendour. In each room, you can admire original frescoes and local limestone, which, combined with the refined furnishings, create an oriental and Mediterranean atmosphere at the same time.
The six rooms of Bayit, Luxury B&B in Puglia, are places of rare beauty in the ancient heart of Polignano a Mare.
From sunrise to sunset, the Bayit terrace offers moments of absolute relax.
The warm welcome of the staff, the exclusive comforts and the historical charm of the building will make each stay unforgettable.

Bayit Charming Place
Via Innocente Tanese, 20
70044 Polignano a Mare (BA) – Puglia
Tel. +39 0803524899 / +39 3760561042
info@bayit.it – www.bayit.it